RUN for Charis Hospice – Jan 17th, 2015

Christine Loh Woon Chze, our nurse from Charis Hospice Penang is taking the challenge to RUN FOR CHARIS HOSPICE, completing 100km in Vibram Ultramarathon! If you pledge for her run, 100% will go to Charis Hospice – the provider of holistic care for patients and family.

Christine Penang Ultramarathon

Christine says: “Everyone runs for a reason. This time I choose Charis Hospice. As a community palliative care nurse, I know how valuable and important this work is in the community. It goes beyond the physical care of patients with advanced illnesses. It is compassionate, holistic care for both patient and family. Palliative care can make a difference to improve quality of life of the patient. It also ensures that good care is given at the end of the life. It offers a support system to both the patient and loved ones. ”

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